Trips and activities in the area of Haelen (Roermond and Weert)

Attractive shopping and visit to theatre or cinema

Roermond is currently among the most attractive shopping cities of Netherlands (the Designer Outlet Centre, Retail park and very atmospheric city centre with nice terraces and various shops, stores and boutiques).



Choose a fun combination of stay in our Bed and Breakfast with shopping and a visit to a theatre or cinema in Roermond (, Venlo, Panningen and/or Weert.  The programs offer many opportunities to do so.   


Hiking hiking route along the stream and water mills and beautiful nature watch the movie and you will be excited to make the walk scenic hiking routes can be found at; a. trips and activities.


New activity from 25 October 2015 Interesting for both old and young at the Continium in Kerkrade.


Heioord to Trout farm Neeritter

(also fish for trout possible)  (


1. Haelen

* Castle ( point of interest )
* Water mills ( point of interest )
* Visiting Centre Sint Elisabethshof 

( with changing expositions )
* Nature Reserve Het Leudal 
( large walking- and cycling area )


. Horn
* Castle ( point of interest )
* Mills ( point of interest )
* Museum terug in de tijd 

( heel divers en interessant voor  jong en oud )


3. Buggenum
* Open Garden Day

(  most of the times in September )
* Flower Art and Open Garden

  ( only on request )


4. Nunhem
* Sint Servaas Chappel (point of interst)

5. Neer
* Friedessemolen

( point of interest )
* Maas Boulevard

( walking and cycling )
* Culinair Educatiecentrum Limburg


6. Baexem
* Heierhof

( culinair farm products and GPS-walking )
* Horckerhof ( Theatre farm )
* Groenatelier Joyce Wilms

( artistic arrangements )

7. Roggel
* Voncken Nature Sport Plus
* Recreatiepark de Leistert

( houses type farming )


 8. Thorn
* historische gebouwen

( The White Town )


9. Meijel
* Raspberrymax

( Frambozenkwekerij )
* Walking- en Nature Reserve De Peel 

( very large walking area )


B. Boating ( Neer ) ( Neer ) (Wessem) (Ophoven)


(Maas Midden-LImburg)

Some ferry pontoon for cyclists in Baarlo and Kessel for a crossing of the Maas to Beesel and Tegelen.


C. Outdoor (Panheel)

(Valkerij workshops, Birds@Work)


( fishing pond )

(naturistencamping neeritter)


D. Castles/Gardens (Grathem) (Baexem) (Arcen) (Baexem) (Neuss) (Landgraaf) (Leudal)


E. Culture and Art (Nederweert-eind)

(Stedelijk Museum Roermond)

(Mönchen-Gladbach) (Neuss) (Eindhoven) (Maastricht) (Roermond) (Weert) (Weert)

(artist in Residènce)


F. Bad weather accommodations

Food and drink in Haelen and surroundings

 In Horn;

* Chinees-Indisch Restaurant Pom Lai

* Shoarma Babylon

* Cafetaria ‘t Dörp

* Cafetaria Biej Anke & Maud

* Wok Plaza Horn

In Haelen; 

* Eetcafé Pizzeria Sphinx, 
* Friture 't Haantje,  
* Fritessalon Leudal en 
* Restaurant De Vogelmolen

  ( Hoger niveau )

In Buggenum;

* Buffet & Tapas

  Restaurant Oppe Berg

In Heythuysen;

* Partyboerderij De Busjop

* Eetcafé de Tump 

* Restaurant

  Grand Café De Gouverneur 
* Porto Maurizio ( Italiaan )

In Neer;

* 't Roadhoes en Restaurant

*  Boothuis de Troost

In Nunhem;

* Café-restaurant Feijenoord

* Restaurant Houben


Locations with a website ( Roggel ) ( Baexem )

(aan de haven Maasbracht )

( Italiaans - Heythuysen ) 


( Sterrenrestaurant Maasbracht ) (Heel/Grathem ) ( Haelen )

( Beesel, workshops en kooksessies )
( Heythuysen ) 

( Nunhem )


Liefde voor Limburg


Welkom in Leudal

Filmpje over activiteiten in Leudal

Trips to Belgium and Germany


Weert, Roermond, Venlo, Maastricht, Keulen, Aken, Düsseldorf, Mönchen-Gladbach, Maasmechelen en Maaseik

In Roermond is one of the largest Designer Outlet Centre in Europe

Also a large varied Retail park and Residential Boulevard with a lot of attractive shops and franchisers with something for everyone.